Invitation to SKS exhibition weekend 3-4 September 2022 in Stockholm


The exhibition will be held in Södermalm's Akvarieaffär's premises at Krukmakargatan 3, 118 51 Stockholm. The venue is located in central Stockholm on Södermalm. Bus, subway and commuter train are within walking distance. Car parking can be a concern. Fee for parking applies weekdays 07.00 - 19.00 and Saturdays 11.00 - 17.00. At other times, parking is free. However, it can be difficult to find places. Anyone who needs a map to find it is best to go to Google and search for Södermalm's Aquarium Shop. There is a map.


Fish for the exhibition must be registered no later than Monday, August 29. To facilitate the work with fish placement and exhibitor list, please come in with the registration as early as possible.


The fish must be delivered to the exhibition no later than 15.00 Friday 2 September. The judging of the exhibited fish starts at 19.00 on Friday.


Notification of fish to: Jan Wester, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Fish is sent to: Jan Wester, Kocksgatan 50, 116 29 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 707540163.


Fish sent within Sweden should be in place by Wednesday, August 31 at the latest, to be sure that it is not left in the mail over the exhibition weekend. For fish sent in from other countries, they must arrive no later than Monday 29 August or earlier. For those who send in fish, it applies that these will be placed in aquariums with protective plants and fed until the exhibition days.


The fish will be judged in the following classes:


100. Fundulus, Cyprinodon and other North and Central American genera, as well as Aphanius, Valencia and other European, North African and West Asian genera

200. South American seasonal fishes

300. South American herbalists

400. Nothobranchius, Pronothobranchius and Fundulosoma

500. Epiplatys, Aplocheilus and Pachypanchax

600. Chromaphyosemion, Kathetys, Episemion and Diapteron

700. Aphyosemion s.s., Scriptaphyosemion, Nimbapanchax and Archiaphyosemion

800. Mesoaphyosemion

900. Callopanchax and Fundulopanchax

1000. Lampeyes and Oryzias

1100. Breeding class, seasonal fish (3 pairs or 2 trios)

1200. Breeding class, other (3 pairs or 2 trios)


The fish on display is considered a donation to SKS and will not be returned, just like usual.


Program for the exhibition:


Friday: Only for exhibition managers and exhibitors.


Saturday: The exhibition is open 10.00 – 18.00


14.00 – 15.00 Lecture by Heinz Ott: Fishing trip to Equatorial Guinea

15.00 – 16.00 Annual meeting for SKS

16.00 – 17.00 Lecture by Heinz Ott: Fishing in Cameroon (if time is available)


Sunday: The exhibition is open 10.00 – 12.00


13.00 – 16.00 Auction of exhibited fish


The lecture, annual meeting and auction will be held in the premises of the Maria-Högalid Association Council, Hartwickska huset, St. Paulsgatan 39 A. The premises are in the neighborhood of the showroom on Krukmakargatan.


It is free to visit the exhibition and listen to the lectures.


On Saturday evening, it is planned to hold a joint dinner at cost price for members and guests, at a nearby restaurant. Which restaurant is not clear yet. Don't forget to register with the exhibition manager.


All are welcome greetings

Scandinavian Killifish Association SKS.


SKS 2002 plakat en

 Affiche can be downloaded in large pdf filer here



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                  Welcome to Scandinavian Killifish Association

Here you can read about the association's activities to keep killifish, how they are caught out in their 'habitat, the international activities and more.

We are a voluntary association with about 140 members spread throughout most of Scandinavia.

The association's main activity is publishing a magazine and newsletter. Organizing an annual international exhibition, usually ii September.

In addition, some local groups who meet occasionally and organizing local activities.

The association also exchanged a lot of fish, either as live fish or eggs, and some members have plenty of contact with other aquarists with killifish in most of  the  world.